Joel Haver

I am Joel!

I am a filmmaker! I make shorts and features and post them all on this channel!

If you make a movie (a feature length film, 40+ minutes) and send it to me, I will watch it.

Making movies is so possible nowadays, most of my features cost anywhere from $0-$200. I see my promise to watch people's movies as a nice form of encouragement. There are so many systems and roadblocks (and lies) in place that keep us unambitious and apathetic in the medium, and I hope the promise that a filmmaker will watch and care about your hard work can be that little push some may need to create something bigger.

I also encourage people to make short films and lots of them! Short films are great grounds for fun and experimentation, and you get better and better at filmmaking every time you make a short. Because shorts are so much easier to make, I can't promise to watch everyone's shorts.

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